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LEED Gold for OPP Caledon Detachment Building!

The Town is pleased to announce that it has received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification for the OPP Caledon Detachment. LEED, a third party rating system is recognized as the international mark of excellence for green buildings in over 132 countries according to the Canada Green Building Council. Green buildings reduce waste, are more energy efficient and often result in healthier and more productive indoor environments.

To meet LEED certification, the new OPP Caledon Detachment features 6 carpool spaces and 4 high efficiency vehicle parking spots; Forest Stewardship Council certified wood; a geothermal heating system; a cistern; grey water system; and a white roof which reflects the heat away from the building. The building process also boasts impressive construction waste diversion (87% diverted from landfill); a green housekeeping policy using third party certified products; and drought tolerant and native plantings. To inform the community of the building’s environmentally sustainable features and their importance, an educational display has been mounted in the OPP front lobby.

Building green is important to the Town as it supports the Town’s overall “green” objectives and commitments such as the Peel Climate Change Strategy, Corporate Energy Management Plan and Community Based Strategic Plan. It also addresses and exceeds the Town’s new Corporate Green Building Standard which requires new Town facilities to meet LEED Silver Certification as well as additional “green building” requirements.

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