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Kids in Uniforms

Kids in uniforms.

That probably conjures images of kids in soccer uniforms, baseball uniforms, band uniforms, school uniforms…..but how about Cadet uniforms?

On June 9th I was fortunate to once again be invited to the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Crescent/Bolton Sea Cadets Annual Review. I attend many events and this one is near to my heart. My first son spent several years in Cadets back in the eighties and I have fond memories of seeing my first-born in a uniform. It seemed that suddenly he took on some of the qualities of the man he was to ultimately become; a man that I am so very proud of, who now has a family of his own.

The Bolton Sea Cadets is a non-profit organization that works to enrich our community by encouraging responsible citizenship among our youth. Their program includes sailing, canoeing, leadership skills, education, first aid, camping, fitness, community service, winter sports, parade marchs, and more. Cadets learn these skills plus develop self-confidence, self-esteem and teamwork.

This years’s Annual Review was every bit as impressive as past years with its march-pasts and skills demonstrations. A poignant moment as their first Sarah Harding Memorial Esprit de Corps Award was presented. Sarah Harding, who was a young Cadet, was killed in a tragic accident earlier this year.

If you want to consider Bolton Sea Cadets for a youth member of your family contact them at 905-533-1205 or email

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Patti Foley

Having spent 25 years in Bolton, Patti remains an advocate for Caledon. As a former Regional Councillor and a long-time community volunteer she is passionate about communicating information about its issues, news, events, people, non-profits and businesses.

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  • Very well said Patti, Thankyou. Bolton Sea cadets is everything you said and more. Anyone interested can also contact the Caledon Navy League and they will get you all the information you need and the right people to talk to. people can call 905-533-1960 or This is in addition to the contact information you mentioned. Thank you for Blogging about this great program

  • My son is currently a member of the Bolton Sea Cadets and joined the moment he turned 12 years old. It’s been a wonderful experience for him to learn many new skills and be apart of an amazing group of young teens. The kids themselves make everyone feel welcome no matter the age. I encourage everyone to give a try.
    The Sea Cadets provides the entire uniform from the Hat to the socks and boots. No expense to the parents which makes it an awesome program for those who just can’t afford the extra expense.
    The kids also have opportunities to volunteer for different things which can go towards there Grade 12 requirements to graduate high school.
    I wish I had known about the Cadets program when I was a kid.

  • My son has joined the Bolton Sea Cadets as we learned about it when he was 12 years old. We never knew about the Cadets until they showed up at Allen Drive Middle School on meet the teacher night. It was great for we would have never known about this program. My son as been in it since then. He enjoys it very much, especially when they go on trips like Grey-fox. It has taught him respecting others, presentation of how he look, and he has opened up to other Cadets. He was a very shy child growing up, and now he is very open and has made so many new friends at this group. He has also made a lot of new friends at the different camps he has attended. He still keeps in touch with them. In camp, he learned how to take care of himself and even do his own laundry. This is a great program and I would recommend it to everyone. I would also like to thank the officers and all the other staff for making the Cadets an enjoyable, memorable experience, and for all the effort and time they put into this program and making it such an success.