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Keep it Growing in Peel

A message from TRCA Project Manager Harris Switzman…..

It is my pleasure to announce a new initiative, called “Keep it Growing in Peel”, being undertaken in the Region of Peel to provide you – the Region’s agricultural producers and stakeholders with information on how to take advantage of the emerging weather trends in the area, and manage the associated risks effectively. As part of this initiative you are invited to you to participate in a workshop during which participants will be provided the most recent data on emerging weather trends, and have the chance to learn from other farmers and agricultural experts about the practices, technologies and programs best suited to farms in Peel. There will also be discussion sessions for you to share your ideas on the most feasible, cost effective, and worthwhile technologies and practices for producers in Peel, and what additional resources are needed to harness the opportunities and manage the risks.

The workshop is being held on MARCH 6, 2012 from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM at the Brampton Fairgrounds in Caledon. Spaces are limited, so please register in advance!

For more information, a workshop agenda is attached to this email (PDF). To register or learn more about the “Keep it Growing in Peel” initiative please visit our web page by CLICKING HERE. You can also call myself, Harris, at 416-661-6600 x. 5931 or email

Please feel free to circulate this invitation to anyone you feel would be interested in participating in this event.

My best regards,

Harris Switzman

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