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Please join us to hear about our year of community building and enjoy our special keynote, Kathryn (known to all as Kay) MacDuffee.  Mark your calendar today for this “Not to be Missed” event – June 21st at 6:30 p.m.

 This is a rare opportunity to hear Kay share her insights into the Caledon community and achieving her goal of living a life of joy, while following the intelligence of the heart.

Caledon resident since 1972, when she and her late husband Dick built their home on a hill overlooking the town, they were both deeply involved and committed to the Caledon community on many levels for over four decades.

Self described as an “Elder”, Kay has been blessed with rich life experiences, travel, adventures and a gaggle of children and grandchildren (including a menagerie of beloved four footed and furry members.) “Gaggle,” her word, not ours!

Kay MacDuffee

Officially a retired teacher and journalist, her gift of brimming energy keeps her active today in both professions and keeps her passion alive for life in general.

Passionate about life, she actively pursues opportunities to inspire children and instill them with a passion for the Earth.

We at CCS are inspired by Kay and thrilled to bring this opportunity to the community. Kismet perhaps that our two stories align with Kay’s Caledon community story starting just one year after of CCS’ founding in 1971.

Please join us for a fun evening and celebrate the 2015/2016 successes that we achieved together with the support of the Caledon community.

Caledon Estates Banquet Hall, 18111 Regional Road 50, Caledon
(just south of Hwy #9)

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