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Jeff Fairbarn to Fill Deputy Fire Chief Role as Dave Pelayo Advances to Chief

Jeff Fairbarn
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Following Town of Caledon’s announcement late last month that current Deputy Fire Chief Dave Pelayo is scheduled to assume the role of Fire Chief on December 18th, the Town issued a press release today announcing his successor.

Jeff Fairbarn, currently Fire Chief of Adjala-Tosorontio Fire and Emergency Services, has been hired as Deputy Fire Chief with the Caledon Fire and Emergency Services team. He will assume the role on December 18th.

The press release states that Fairbarn brings over 14 years of fire services experience to the deputy chief position, having spent time with Innisfil, the Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute, Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Richmond Hill, and also a little over a year with Caledon Fire as Captain and Training Officer, before leaving for the Chief’s position in Adjala-Tosorontio.

Outgoing Fire Chief Dave Forfar was quoted in the release as saying “We are excited to add talent to our Caledon Fire team, and even more so when that talent is familiar with our community. With Deputy Chief Dave Pelayo ascending to take on the role of Fire Chief when I retire, the team was in search of a talented leader, and we are pleased that Jeff was the candidate chosen to fill this role and look forward to his leadership and experience helping move our fire training and emergency management programs forward.”

It further reads that Fairbarn has achieved success in the Fire Service Leadership program through Dalhousie University, Management Essentials program through Harvard University, and is currently studying Fire Service Executive Management at Humber College and Business Administration at York University.

“Jeff was instrumental in Caledon Fire’s National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) certification program for training our firefighters and bringing Jeff back to our team as a Deputy Chief provides stability and familiarity and will continue the progress we’ve made with fire training,” said incoming Fire Chief Dave Pelayo in the release. “I look forward to working with Jeff and the other deputies as we lead our Caledon Fire team, protecting and ensuring our community is safe.”

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