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Introducing Peel Region to the Transition Board

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Today, September 14th, Peel Region updated Regional Council on how it has been onboarding the Transition Board in a report, Bill 112 – Update September 2023The Transition Board was appointed on July 5, 2023, by the provincial government to provide recommendations to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing on a range of restructuring matters related to the dissolution of Peel.

Peel developed a comprehensive onboarding package with several key documents for the Transition Board to help them gain a deeper understanding of Peel’s critical services and make thoughtful and informed recommendations regarding the dissolution of Peel. The Council report provides links to the information shared during onboarding.

One of the documents – Introducing Peel Region, a first conversation – tells the story of Peel over the last 5 decades, its history, services, and people. The board also received an overview of the questions, concerns and anxieties expressed by Peel’s 6,000 employees. Documents include:

When meeting with the board, Peel’s senior leaders highlighted the magnitude, complexity, scale and integration of Peel’s services provided by professional and highly qualified employees. Staff reported that they were encouraging thoughtful and informed decision-making and that all recommendations of the Transition Board be shared publicly, including a financial impact assessment and the long-term economic sustainability of Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga.

“I’m proud of the team at Peel for sharing thoughtful and thorough updates on our work to the Transition Board. The Board was impressed by the orientation as they seek to learn more about Peel and what makes us successful, supported by data and facts. They have a difficult job ahead and we are there to provide the information they need.”
Gary Kent, Chief Administrative Officer, Peel Region

Background facts on Peel:

  • 1.5M people – Peel’s population, which is larger than six of Canada’s provinces.
  • 1 in 10 Ontarians live in Peel.
  • 69 per cent of residents identify with a racialized group, the highest in the GTA.
  • Second largest water and wastewater system in Ontario and fourth largest in Canada.
  • 30 per cent utility rates than other GTA municipalities.
  • Third largest community housing provider in Ontario.
  • 21 per cent of all goods movement Gross Domestic Product in Ontario carried on Peel Region roads.
  • $1.8B worth in goods travel to, from and through Peel every day.
  • Second largest police service in Ontario and third largest in Canada.
  • Second largest in paramedic service in Ontario.
  • Second largest in waste management program in Ontario and fourth largest in Canada.
  • Second largest public health service in Ontario by population size and one of the largest in Canada.
  • $10.3M annual funding to over 150 community agencies in the non-profit sector.
  • $3.1B Annual Operating Budget and $1.9B Annual Capital Budget.
  • 800KM+ fibre network co-owned by Peel, Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon.

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