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In Conversation on Communications

Written by Parm Chohan

Up until a few years ago, I didn’t know another Communications leader that looked like me.

Then I met Rashpal Rai, APR during a virtual conference hosted by McMaster University Master of Communications Management (MCM), which focused on anti-racism in Public Relations. He had me at “hello” 😁.

A few months ago I had the pleasure of having a very real and open conversation with Rashpal about our experiences as communication and PR leaders.

From our initial inspiration to join the industry to strategies for gaining influence at the decision-making table, we share how our Sikh backgrounds have enriched our MCM journeys and professional careers.

We also offer perspectives for overcoming feelings of marginalization in the workplace and discuss how organizations can elevate diverse voices for a more inclusive future.

I don’t seem to have an issue talking about the work I do in leader development, team engagement and coaching. This topic is different – it brings in my Sikh faith, which plays an important and special role in my life.

What I’m getting at is … this isn’t easy to share or openly talk about!

As you watch/listen, I ask that you please do so with kindness. And share back how your background, faith or differentiation has impacted your life and career.

Here’s what we discussed:
▶️ What inspired us to get into PR and Comms
▶️ How we have further developed our communications skills to help get us a seat at the decision-making table
▶️ How our unique background and perspectives impacted our MCM journey and professional career
▶️ Advice/perspective for those who may feel challenged by a sense of marginalization in the professional world
▶️ How organizations can do a better job of elevating diverse voices and perspectives


What makes us different is also what makes us invaluable!

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