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How The GAP (and you) Can Help Children in Peel

Catherine Hinton, Executive Director of Peel Children’s Aid Foundation, has asked me pass along the following letter. This is a wonderful short-term volunteer opportunity to help the Foundation by simply putting in a few hours at The GAP’s distribution centre on Coleraine Drive in Bolton. Note, there is opportunity next week on March Break for students looking for their community service hours as well.

Catherine’s letter…..

On behalf of peel Children’s Aid Foundation I am writing to ask for your help. Gap Canada has once again very generously donated new clothing to Peel Children’s Aid Foundation for distribution to impoverished children, teens and families in Peel Region.

Before the clothes can be donated, they need to be “de-tagged” of all identifying labels. This procedure will be taking place at the GAP online distribution centre in Bolton Ontario (about 10 minutes north of Highway 407 and 427 in Caledon) On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the 2nd and third weeks of April, May and June, and possibly on a continuing basis every month.

We are looking for volunteers to de-tag the clothing from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on the following dates:

Tuesdays March 12th, March 19th, April 9th, April 16th, May 14th, and May 21st
Wednesdays March 20th, April 10th, April 17th, May 15TH and May 22nd
Thursday March 14th, March 21st, April 11th, April 18th, May 16th and May 23rd

Gap supplies scissors to cut out the tags, and tables and chairs on which to sit and do the work. They also supply bottled water. I’m afraid the Foundation’s budget does not rise to lunch so we ask you to eat before you come! GAP Health and Safety regulations require rubber soled shoes on the warehouse floor, and closed toes.

I have done it myself and found it to be an enjoyable way to spend four hours, along with the conversation of my fellow volunteers, most of whom were strangers when we started and friends by the end J There is a great sense of accomplishment and of course it’s rather like Christmas opening up the boxes and imagining the smiles of delight on the faces of the children and teens who will be the recipients of this generosity.

If you are anyone you’d like to pass this invitation along to are able to spare a shift or two we would be so grateful. Please email me if you have any further questions, or feel free to just sign up for a shift.

Next week especially during March Break we welcome teens who need to get their volunteer hours in for school as long as at least one adult is able to accompany them.

Many thanks for your consideration, and I hope to see you on the floor!


Catherine Hinton, CFRE
Peel Children’s Aid Foundation

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