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Holy Labour – A Poem by Carol Good

Muscle car with doors open and hood up, photo credit Lori Dawn Allard
Written by Carol Good

Photo (above) credit: Lori Dawn Allard

Holy Labour*

Holy labour
is needed
to make
good metaphor

How holy you ask?
As holy as smokes
As holy as moley
As holy as hanna

That’s how holy
things can get
with a metaphor
in the making

How to know if it is good?

How to know if it fits?
Does each read
spiral up to open vistas
drop down to dear details

Does it feel like the keys
to a coveted car
with a full tank of gas
and no curfew?

Perhaps a metaphor’s power
can be measured
by horsepower and

Does it move fast quickly
Toward understanding?
Can it pull the heavy weight
Of meaning?

With carefully crafted metaphor
we can sometimes
slip the surly bonds
of earth**

* Aristotle quote – To make good metaphor is holy labour

** High Flight – John Gillespie Magee, Jr

Carol Good​​ – Revised April 2023

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