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HIJKLMNO* : A Poem by Carol Good

Water drops beneath leaves
Written by Carol Good

Photo credit: Jason Foley


I called heads
and won
this round

Although I am ready
to make my case
for most versatile element

I can be as solid as earth
I can be as light as air
I can be as hot as fire

What I am
saying is
I get it

What it means to be elemental
Without me
there is no we

* a childhood riddle – what is “HIJKLMNO”? Water (H2O)

About Carol Good

Since retiring, Carol has redirected her creativity into writing – mostly poetry. Her pandemic projects have included publishing of her first poetry collection – Alive & 65: a celebration for her 65th birthday and joining the League of Canadian Poets. She lives in an octagonal century home with her very handy husband located on the Treaty Lands and Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation. She recognizes the land as being home and traditional territory to other Indigenous people since time immemorial.

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About the author

Carol Good

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