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Help Bring Broadband to Rural Areas of Caledon

For some Caledon residents and business owners, high-speed Internet is not available and cost of service is high; Federal money is essential to resolve these issues.

The Federal Government has launched Connecting Canadians, a program designed to extend high-speed Internet service to households and businesses in rural and remote areas, that currently have slower or no Internet access. To accomplish this, the program will establish a comprehensive map of Internet service levels across Canada through feedback from citizens.

This program is beneficial for communities like Caledon, where rural areas do not have access to affordable high-speed Internet service. The Town is asking for residents and business owners to go online and confirm their level of Internet service.

To confirm level of service:

Go to
Enter your postal code
A map will pop up with your level of Internet service; if it says you have “high-speed” when you do not, click on “learn more”
Under “Is this information correct” you have the ability to provide feedback on your actual level of Internet access
Over the next five years, the Canadian Government will invest up to $305 million to extend high-speed Internet service to households and businesses in rural and remote areas across the country. Feedback from Caledon residents will help the Government to identify the area as eligible for high-speed Internet service.


Bethany Lee
Manager Corporate Communications
Office of the CAO

Town of Caledon
6311 Old Church Road
Caledon, ON L7C 1J6

905.584.2272 x. 4106 |

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