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Happy 5th Birthday to The Exchange

Exchange birthday kids with puppies
Written by Shelly Ives

What do you do when you and your community partners have achieved the milestone of celebrating 5 years supporting the Caledon community? You hold a birthday party and invite the whole community, of course! And that’s just what the Exchange did on December 3rd.

Guests who dropped by to join the festivities had the chance to savour delicious squash soup, prepared in the Exchange kitchen, enjoy children’s activities, hug service dogs in training, learn about local initiatives like Bolton Camp and more.

Don’t feel sad if you didn’t get a chance to drop by and say hello. They welcome visitors and would love to give you a tour and tell you about themselves, their partners and what they do in the community!

Exchange birthday 4
Exchange birthday 3
Exchange birthday 2
Exchange birthday furs
Exchange birthday 1

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Shelly Ives

Shelly works for a local non-profit agency dedicated to strengthening families. An artist, she is happiest when being creative.  She strives to live a green life, eat locally & support those who support others in her community.

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