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Green Teasers – January 27th

Written by The Green Team

While significant changes in the way we power our vehicles and homes, and major shifts in government policies and priorities, are key in avoiding the worst effects of our rapidly changing climate, small things do add up as well. This planet was home to just 2.8 billion people in 1955, the year I was born. Today the population spills over 7.7 billion. Imagine if we all kept pressure on our governments to do the right thing. Imagine if we all made changes to our lives to contribute to a more sustainable future. The power of the many.

In this bi-weekly series JSC’s Green TEAM offers our “Green TEASERS”, ideas for small changes that, once committed to, add up. If you have more ideas for us we’d be happy to publish those as well. Email patti@justsayincaledon.com

  1. Invest in a programmable thermostat. Schedule the heat to be set slower when you are at work and when you are sleeping. And for times you are at home remember a degree cooler and a cozy sweater will make even more impact, and on your savings as well. Submitted by Patti Foley
  1. Start buying products that have less packaging – this means choosing dry good groceries and buying in bulk so packaging is only used once. Start refusing products have excess packaging and contact the producer to let them know your decision and why. Submitted by Shelly Sargent
  1. Contact all the places that send you paper invoices and ask for electronic invoices and statements, mitigating use of both letterhead and envelopes. Submitted by Shelly Sargent


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