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Green Teasers – February 10th

Written by The Green Team

While significant changes in the way we power our vehicles and homes, and major shifts in government policies and priorities, are key in avoiding the worst effects of our rapidly changing climate, small things do add up as well. This planet was home to just 2.8 billion people in 1955, the year I was born. Today the population spills over 7.7 billion. Imagine if we all kept pressure on our governments to do the right thing. Imagine if we all made changes to our lives to contribute to a more sustainable future. The power of the many.

In this bi-weekly series JSC’s Green TEAM offers our “Green TEASERS”, ideas for small changes that, once committed to, add up. If you have more ideas for us we’d be happy to publish those as well. Email patti@justsayincaledon.com

  1. Start planning “green” shopping trips, staying as close to home as possible, and do as many chores/errands as you can in one car trip. While driving, keep to the speed limit as higher speeds are reported to use more gas. Consider using your cruise control to keep your speed consistent. Where possible leave the car at home and use public transit.
    Submitted by: Shelly Sargent
  1. Always consider repurposing before discarding even well-used items. With a little creativity and a bit of stitching Caledon Village resident Gail Davidson turned an old pillow case and a pair of used laces into a perfect and portable home for her paint brushes.
  1. In early January JSC’s Patti Foley caught up with Bolton resident Chris Millar to purchase Chris’s latest environmentally-friendly idea. Chris sews sheer curtain fabric, pretty and durable, into bags to use for produce while grocery shopping. Plastic bags are a major source of garbage and, at $4 apiece, these 12” by 12” washable and reusable bags are a great way to keep those produce ones out of the landfill. You can reach out to Chris at millar.c@hotmail.com



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