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Good News from The View – May 13th 2024

Sikh Students Association
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Photo (above): Humberview Secondary School’s Sikh Students Association gathered on Langar Day. All photos credit: Pauline Sidhu, Sikh Student Association Staff Advisor

Thank you Humberview Secondary School student Jaskirit Dhugga for the following post.

Four ladiesOn Thursday, April 25th, Humberview Secondary School held its fourth successful Langar Day.

Students and staff of Humberview’s Sikh Students Association (SSA) had been working on the event since the beginning of the school year because of its significance to Sikhism.

The Three Pillars of Sikhism are Naam Japo (meditate daily), Kirat Karo (earn an honest living), and Vand Chhako (share your earnings with the needy), and it is through the practice of Langar, that the third pillar is fulfilled.

A Langar is a free vegetarian meal service provided to everyone regardless of race, gender, religion, or other personal characteristics; a practice started by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Sikhism’s first Guru.

Humberview’s SSA was created in 2019, and each year, they hold various events at the school to celebrate days, such as Bandi Chhor Divas and Vaisakhi.

Students at tableLangar Day brings a lot of community members and a lot of students and families together. It brings people together in the spirit of equality and promotes inclusivity amongst students, staff, and families. Langar Day this year served over 600 students, staff and parents from the Humberview community.

Stan Cameron with Principal Colton and another manThe planning behind Humberview’s Langar Day was not as simple as one might think. The club’s executive team also organized a team of parent volunteers to help contribute to the day’s success. The SSA worked tirelessly to plan and organize the event by coordinating with the local Gurudwara, Nanaksar Thath Isher Darbar at Gore/Castlemore in Brampton, where the food was prepared.

An amazing team of students and staff also cleaned and decorated the gym where Langar Day was held, presented the concept of Langar during classroom visits leading up to Langar Day, and much more.

Thank you, Humberview Secondary School!


Stan Cameron with Principal Colton, VP Ranbir Singh, Superintendent Alvin Au

VP Ranbir Singh, Superintendent Alvin Au, Caledon Trustee Stan Cameron, and Principal John Colton

Organizers and Sikh Student Association Staff Advisors - Pauline Sidhu & Jaclyn Haber

Organizers and Sikh Student Association Staff Advisors – Pauline Sidhu and Jaclyn Haber

Humberview graduates and Councilor Doug Maskell

Humberview graduates and Councillor Doug Maskell


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