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Foundation Name Change Reflects Service Includes Caledon

The Brampton and Area Community Foundation announces, effective immediately, that it will be known as the Brampton and Caledon Community Foundation. Foundation President and CEO, James Boyd commented that the new name reflects more clearly the Foundation’s area served, “…historically, the ‘and Area’ in the Foundation’s name always included Caledon. In the beginning years of the Foundation, we had a lot of work to do to establish the Foundation, so concentrating on one community, Brampton, made sense at the time. However, over the last eleven years, since its inception, the Foundation has seen increases in endowments and granting in Caledon. It’s a natural progression and growth of the Foundation to recognize Caledon, formally, in the Foundation’s name.”

Foundation Chair, Susan Crawford, was excited to see Caledon formally included in the Foundation’s name. “Caledon is a wonderful community. There are many philanthropists in Caledon who will be able to create their own charitable legacy for the Caledon community. We’re excited, at the Foundation, to welcome the people of Caledon to build their charitable legacy through the Brampton and Caledon Community Foundation. Our name change is a major step forward.”

The Mayor of Caledon, Marolyn Morrison, welcomed the newly-named Brampton and Caledon Community Foundation. “Caledon has a long history of generosity and cooperation”, said Caledon Mayor, Marolyn Morrison; “the foundation of Caledon’s success is the strong rural values of its residents; neighbourliness, mutual respect and working together for the betterment of the whole; qualities that I know will see Caledon continue to support the good work of the Brampton and Caledon Community Foundation.”

Since 2002, the former Brampton and Area Community Foundation has developed assets of over $7 million, comprised of 84 endowment funds. In this time the Foundation has made over 400 grants to charity worth over $2.75 million. As a public, non-profit, community foundation, the now Brampton and Caledon Community Foundation serves as an endowment builder open to all philanthropists, big or small, who look to enrich our community through smart, sensible and sustainable charitable giving.

When asked if the new name of the Foundation would signify any dramatic changes, Boyd stated, “The Foundation will continue doing what it’s always done; that is to be an endowment builder and funder of worthy charitable organizations in Brampton and Caledon. We certainly are very happy to have the philanthropists and charitable service organizations in Caledon more easily identify with the community foundation now that “Caledon” is in the name. Our charitable and philanthropic mandate, which has served both Caledon and Brampton over the past eleven years, remains the same.”

To learn more about the Brampton and Caledon Community Foundation, please contact James Boyd at (905) 796-2926.

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