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Emil Kolb, Chair of the Region of Peel – Regarding Service Response to the Ice Storm

Region of Peel Response to Storm

Posted on Tuesday December 24, 2013


Statement by Emil Kolb, Chair of the Region of Peel, Regarding Service Response to the Ice Storm

BRAMPTON, ON (Dec. 24, 2013) – The Region of Peel has been working closely with the Cities of Brampton and Mississauga, Town of Caledon and the utility companies to ensure a co-ordinated and effective municipal service response to the ice storm. The shared primary concern for all of us over the last few days has been resident and employee safety and wellbeing.

The City and Town staff have been working with contractors and utilities to clear public roads and sidewalks to ensure that power can be restored where it has been interrupted and to allow emergency and municipal service vehicles to provide service. We are making great progress and I commend the efforts of all involved. Very soon we will be left with the task of determining the best way to support residents to remove the storm damage debris from their properties.

Many residents are concerned about the work required to remove storm damage debris from their properties. I expect that for many residents this task is beyond their personal capacity. The cutting and removal of trees and related debris is a specialized skill, and we encourage residents to hire a contractor to do the work for them.

The Region of Peel does not have the equipment or expertise to perform this type of work and City Forestry staff are currently engaged in clearing the public roads and sidewalks to ensure public safety. The clean-up of damaged trees and debris on private property is the responsibility of the property owner. Residents are encouraged to contact their insurance company to check if their coverage can assist with the cost related to storm damage on their property.

The Region will be collecting regular garbage, recycling and green waste using its published collection schedule. We have experienced some minor delays due to the storm. The Region will not be collecting yard waste. Residents and contractors can drop off yard waste at any one of the Regional Community Recycling Centres; fees will be waived.

The Region is supporting the City and Town staff as they develop their longer term clean-up strategies which could include implementing the yard waste pick-up program for small bundles of storm-related debris. We are also working with the area municipalities and the Province to request additional resources and equipment for the area municipalities’ use in their work to clean up the roads and sidewalks.

This is going to take time, and we ask for your patience as we work through the aftermath of the storm.


Media contact:

Allison Reynolds

Communication Specialist

Region of Peel


Link to original news release on Peel Region web site:

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  • Patti, thanks for your emails on the storm. Appreciate the updates. My old husband spent 3 hours this morning clearing the Longwood supermailbox (the one at the east end of the street) from tree debris and shovelled it out.

    I’m presuming that the Town is aware of all the downed tree branches on Longwood Drive – almost every tree has broken branches and some piles of tree debris are blocking the sidewalk. We understand that trees on our property are our responsibility but are hoping that the debris on the streetside can eventually be chipped and hauled away by the Town as those trees are on Town property.

    All the best and Merry Christmas. Diane Negridge

    • Hi Diane. You are correct, Longwood was extremely hard hit, I toured the street yesterday along with many others. For now the Municipality’s focus is keeping roads cleared of downed branches for our first responders, hydro and drivers. We still have people in caledon without any hydro. I have been told that we will be in discussions with both the Region and the Province regarding clean-up. Further information will follow when we have more details. Please spread the word not to cut down trees unless they are a threat to personal safety or property. I have a friend who is a forester and she says many of these trees will “bounce back” after the ice melts.