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Deepening Community for Collective Impact

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Written by Patti Foley

Note: Date change for this event from May 30th to Sept 19th:

“If you thought you would have to miss it… the opportunity is still yours to enjoy, have an impact, and make a difference on September 19.  September is a great time to come together as the summer season ends and we gear up for the fall. We look forward to coming together this September to learn how to engage and deepen our community!”

CCS is joining with the Tamarack Institute to host a one-day workshop at the Caledon Equestrian Park on Sept 19th.

Join Paul Born, internationally renowned community builder, founder of Tamarack Institute. Explore how to engage and build community in areas important to what you do and where you live.

Learn how to:
Engage and deepen your community and build a common agenda for large-scale change
Understand fundamental principles of Collective Impact
Uncover insights on how Deepening Community can sustain you as a leader
Produce the outcome you desire in your organization or business
Move from insight into practical action and being able to host large-scale community conversations
Truly engage people in a common agenda; identify actions and achieve collective impact

This is a great opportunity for you and other community leaders to learn from each other. Paul will guide the learning and answer your questions on what is and is not working in your initiatives. Take a day for yourself and move the needle in an impactful way.

We hope you are able to join us for this special event and look forward to meeting you there!

Find further event details, logistics, costs here:

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Patti Foley

Having spent 25 years in Bolton, Patti remains an advocate for Caledon. As a former Regional Councillor and a long-time community volunteer she is passionate about communicating information about its issues, news, events, people, non-profits and businesses.

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