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CVC Flood Warning – Feb 20th

High water level river
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Credit Valley Conservation is closely monitoring the forecasted warmer temperature and rain event beginning Monday, February 21 through Tuesday, February 22. Approximately 10 to 15mm of rain is forecasted for Tuesday afternoon and daytime highs of 4-7 degrees Celsius are forecasted for Monday and Tuesday.

CVC’s latest assessment suggests approximately 40mm of total combined runoff from rain and snow melt is possible within a 24-hour period starting Monday afternoon. For reference, the event that caused flooding across the Credit River Watershed on Thursday Feb. 17th saw approximately 50mm of total combined runoff within a similar amount of time.

Based on the latest weather forecast, similar water levels that caused flooding last week are possible in the Credit River from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday. CVC will continue to update the watershed conditions as needed based on the changing forecast. 

Water levels in the Credit River and its major tributaries have receded from last week’s event. However, ice formation and breakup/jam risks are still persistent. Active ice jams are present in Churchville and Streetsville, and a significant amount of ice remains upstream of the Paper Mill Dam in Georgetown. Flooding is possible if high river flows interact with existing ice jams, or if existing ice jams breakup and form new jams elsewhere along the Credit River. Municipal staff in Caledon, Halton Hills, Brampton and Mississauga should be prepared to mobilize if river ice breaks up and ice jams occur.

The following are ice jam prone locations along the Credit River:

  • Town of Caledon: Ferndale, Cheltenham, Terra Cotta
  • Town of Halton Hills: Glen Williams
  • City of Brampton: Eldorado Park to Churchville
  • City of Mississauga: Meadowvale, Erindale Park, Streetsville Memorial Park

Flooding of small headwater and urban areas are also possible due to increased runoff from rain and snow melt. As a result, local streams, rivers, and shorelines could become dangerous, especially in the vicinity of culverts, bridges, and dams. The public is urged to stay away from all watercourses, especially areas with broken ice.

CVC will continue to closely monitor weather and water levels in the watershed. The Flood Warning will be in effect through Wednesday, February 23, 2022, or until further notice.

To view current watershed conditions, please visit our real-time monitoring website:

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