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CPL Makerspaces: Five Sustainable Spring Project Ideas

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Looking to spruce up for Spring? We have ideas for sustainable projects that will help you leave a lighter footprint while you prep your home, garden, and wardrobe for a fresh season. These projects are a starting point for everything you can do in CPL Makerspaces!

  1. Snappy seed markers

Are you growing your own veggies, fruits, or herbs this year? 3D print or laser cut your own seed markers to reuse year after year. You can even attend a program to learn how to design and cut your own seed markers using the Glowforge laser cutter.

  1. Sustainable shopping bags

Give pre-loved textiles new life by sewing them into reusable tote bags. Use the Bernina sewing machine in the Cory Trépanier Creativity Studio to turn sheets or shirts into a handy, personalized new bag. Not sure where to start? Join a maker workshop in the month of April where you can learn to sew a tote bag from scratch.

  1. Repair items on the cheap

If you need a new part for a broken item, the 3D printer can often be used to create replacements. There are many online resources to find free 3D print files for brackets, knobs, and more. You can book an appointment with a maker specialist to learn how to create repair parts and save your money on replacement costs.

  1. Year-round welcome signage

Create door signs that you can customize by season, year after year, with the Glowforge laser cutter and engraver. The Glowforge Design Catalog features signage with swappable icons and phrases that can be changed out for different seasons and events. You can even personalize your signage. No need to buy multiple signs for multiple seasons!

  1. Refreshed clothing pieces with Cricut or embroidery

Add an embellishment to existing clothing or accessories to give your wardrobe a speedy refresh. Find or customize a new design in our Cricut or embroidery software. If you’ve never used the Cricut or embroidery machines before, book an appointment with a maker specialist to learn how to make your design a reality.

CPL Makerspaces are at the Margaret Dunn Valleywood Collaboration Studio and Caledon East branch’s Cory Trépanier Creativity Studio. We’re happy to chat about all things creative and maker! Please stop by to say hi to your friendly neighbourhood maker specialists if you’re in CE Makerspace branches.

For more information about what equipment you can use or how to book it, take a peek at our Makerspace page.

For maker programs and workshops, registration opens at 10 am on the first day of each month. Due to the Easter holiday, April registration will open on April 2.

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