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The CPCC has exciting news: Beginning on August 1st, 2016 – the Caledon Parent-Child Centre (CPCC) will be issuing a friendly challenge to young families throughout Caledon, encouraging them to spend more time in nature and develop new healthy habits.

Inspired by the Ontario government and Ontario Parks as well as the David Suzuki Foundation’s 30×30 Challenge, the CPCC will launch a “CPCC 30×30 Nature Challenge.” The challenge encourages young families with children 0-6 years of age to spend at least 30 minutes per day enjoying our local nature for 30 days. The challenge begins on August 1st and the CPCC is helping make the challenge easy by sharing daily activities appropriate for very young children on CPCC social media sites each day. If families want to browse through the complete list for ideas, it will be available on the CPCC website. Participants in the daily challenges will be encouraged to share photos of their adventures by using the hashtag #CPCCNatureChallenge or by emailing photos to the CPCC at All photos received will be shared in the 30×30 album on the CPCC Facebook page.

We are also asking local government, community leaders and the media to help us get the word out there! If you’ll be spending time outside, please share a selfie/photo with the hashtag #CPCCNatureChallenge. And if you happen to see one of our Facebook posts or Tweets cross your feed, we’d appreciate a like, share or retweet and we hope you’ll feel free to share news of the challenge all over Caledon! Thanks in advance for your help in encouraging our local families to spend time in nature this summer!

Visit to find out more about the “CPCC 30×30 Nature Challenge!” Activities and ideas which cover more of Ontario or which are more appropriate for older children and adults can be obtained by visiting the Ontario Parks website at or the David Suzuki 30×30 Challenge at http://30×

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