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COPE Service Dogs are coming to Caledon!

Currently based in Barrie, COPE will open their first chapter in Caledon in January 2015, with Humberview Secondary School participating as the pilot school. The Caledon chapter will form the basis for future chapters that COPE hopes to open across Canada in the coming years. This is our opportunity to get in on the ground floor to help shape something very meaningful for our community and the country as a whole!

About COPE Service Dogs

COPE Service Dogs is an amazing organization that helps high school students become self-confident learners through training service dogs. COPE has developed a program called Canines in the Classroom that is linked to the Ontario Secondary Curriculum that allows students to earn credits while learning essential literacy and workplace skills. The program uses students to train service dogs, teaching them a number of commands and socializing them in the community.

COPE’s service dogs go on to help elementary school students become comfortable readers through their Reading Buddy Program. They also bring happiness to our seniors through visits to retirement homes and long term care facilities. Once trained, the dogs are then placed with life partners primarily with mobility disabilities, to help them better navigate their world.

For every one high school student involved in the Canines in the Classroom program, over 40 other members of our community are directly, positively affected.

To learn more about COPE visit

We need your help!

There are plenty of volunteer, fundraising and awareness raising opportunities for community-minded individuals like you such as Puppy Raiser Families, Puppy Sitter Families and Volunteer Drivers to name a few. In addition to all the financial support COPE currently receives from corporations like Caledon’s own Mars Canada Inc., the Ontario Trillium Fund, and personal donations, they also need the full support and engagement of our community to ensure they can serve Caledon in a meaningful way for years to come. If you are interested in learning more about the COPE Service Dogs and how you can contribute please join us on:

Tuesday, May 20
7 – 9 pm
The Exchange, 55 Healey Road – Bolton

Please RSVP to Barb Koetsier at COPE by May 9, 2014.
(705) 734-2673 or

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