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Conquer Leadership: So Much Conflict!

Group with Parm at Conflust Resolution workshop
Written by Parm Chohan

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of facilitating a full day of conflict resolution training with a group of aspiring and emerging healthcare leaders. So much conflict, all day long 😁. This crew was on fire!

At one point all participants completed a Conflict Resolution Style assessment. This was a pen/paper assessment – we went ‘old school.’

I know what you’re thinking: “Parm, braaahh, another assessment?”

YES! Another assessment! Keeping in mind it’s not so much the assessment alone that’s of value. But combining it with discussion that helps draw out insights about how you show up.

An assessment is just a tool to help you understand how to show up with more intention and awareness and not by accident.

This particular assessment supported participants in identifying their conflict style. These five conflict styles include:

1️⃣   Competition – my way
2️⃣   Collaboration – our way
3️⃣   Compromise – both ways
4️⃣   Avoidance – no way
5️⃣   Accommodation – your way

One of the biggest insights from a participant:

💥 “Even though I scored high in Collaboration, I need to use each of these conflict resolution styles depending on the person or situation”.


Being able to leverage different conflict resolution styles is key. Knowing your ‘go-to’ style first is essential because this becomes your anchor.

💥 Let me know, out of the five conflict styles above, which one describes you the best.


On one feedback form, a participant wrote:

💥 “Parm is the heart of this program. He brings happiness, passion, expert knowledge and tons of laughter. Its not always easy to sit in a room for an entire day, but the clock does go by quickly when he is teaching.”

I share this not to impress, but rather impress upon … when you truly enjoy what you do, others will see it. What’s even more powerful is when others FEEL IT!

It’s a privilege to do what I do!

A BIG SHOUT OUT to my facilitator colleagues who also did a SMASHING JOB. It’s an honour to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you 🙌🏽!

Conquer your conflict – whether it’s internal or external!

Parm works with aspiring and established leaders to optimize peak performance through leadership development, team building and coaching. When embraced, this changes behaviour, increases collaboration, improves engagement and builds stronger culture.

 One of the ways Parm adds value is by sending out weekly leadership development and personal growth lessons. There will always be something for you to apply in your personal growth and professional development. And to say thank you and welcome, look out for two bonus gifts.

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