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Community Living Ontario hosting Conference

Community Living Ontario is hosting its 3rd Annual Commence Conference for people supporting students who have an intellectual disability

January 23rd – 24th 2013 in Toronto

Commence 2013 is a conference designed to inspire professionals, educators, and families in their efforts to support young adults who have an intellectual disability as they discover and develop their passions. It’s an opportunity for those themselves who are preparing to Commence and leave high school, along with those who support them, to learn what others have achieved and what might also be possible for them. An exciting line-up of presenters will cover topics and share information that will provide insight into good support for young people as they prepare for work, build their networks and friendships, and live out their passions and dreams.

Musicians, Designers, DJ’s and Singers (to name a few) who have an intellectual disability will illustrate how they made the things they love doing a reality in their day to day lives. An added bonus: Jack Pearpoint will be providing a graphic diary of the conference for the entire two days! Don’t miss it this opportunity!

Perhaps you would consider sponsoring someone from your network to participate if you yourself are unable to attend. The program is attached to the email and so is a banner if you would like to post it on your website.

Please share this information broadly. Students, families, Special Education Teachers, Educational Assistants, Developmental Service Workers, Community Development and Employment Service providers would all benefit greatly from attending Commence 2013.

If you have any questions about Commence 2013 please don’t hesitate to contact Joel MacIntyre (Conference Coordinator) at 1-800-278-8035 ex.236.

You can also find more information and the pdf program at:

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