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Columbia Way Stormwater Pond

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The stormwater management pond located south of Columbia Way between Taylorwood Avenue and St. Michael’s Crescent in Bolton will undergo rehabilitation work.

EXPECTED START: July 12, 2021 | EXPECTED END: October 1, 2021

Access to the area will be closed at Columbia Way, Schaefer Place, Taylorwood Avenue and St. Michaels Crescent. Access from the trail to the south will be blocked off before the entrance to St. Michaels.


There are many benefits to an upgraded stormwater management pond and wetlands, such as:

  • Improvements to the trail
  • Reducing the frequency of flooding
  • Beautifying the area
  • Connecting residents to nature
The importance of stormwater ponds
Stormwater ponds are important to our communities. Did you know:

  • Stormwater ponds are designed to mimic natural wetlands
  • Because of wetland vegetation, soils and microbes, water quality is improved
  • These ponds hold stormwater over a period of time which is released slowly into the stream to reduce flooding
  • Wetland vegetation provides natural habitat to various animals
The Town of Caledon has been investigating opportunities for improving the stormwater management pond located south of Columbia Way between Taylorwood Avenue and St. Michael’s Crescent in Bolton.These efforts included an Environmental Assessment in 2017 and a design exercise in 2019. In part, the objective of this work is to improve the flow of water impacting the stream that is currently flooding over a section of trail near Kingsview Crescent.

The existing stormwater management pond was built in the early 1990’s to provide flood control. Stormwater management has significantly changed over the last three decades. The Columbia Way Stormwater Pond was identified as high priority for improving the design to meet present day stormwater objectives.

The Town completed a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Schedule ‘B’ to inform the preferred design. Through the Environmental Assessment process, stakeholders identified upgrading the stormwater pond to a constructed wetland as the preferred design approach.

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