Christian Unity Week in Caledon East

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An announcement from St James Anglican and Caledon East United….

Christian Unity Week Celebrations

The congregations of St. James Anglican Church and Caledon East United Church in Caledon East will hold joint services on Sunday, January 15 and Sunday January 22, 2017 to mark the Week of Christian Unity.

All too often Christians forget they share a common foundation and argue about their differences.  instead of celebrating their diversity. The Week for Christian Unity is a wonderful opportunity for Christians to come together.

So, for a second year, the members of these two Caledon East churches are doing just that.

Last January many people enjoyed worshiping in the church of their neighbour congregation.  It was such a wonderful experience. Old friends and neighbours used the opportunity to say hello and get re-acquainted. In some cases members from the United Church were sitting with their cousins from St. James!

Reverend Ross Leckie of Caledon East United Church and Reverend Greg Fiennes-Clinton of St. James Anglican Church extend an invitation to all and hope you will join them and their congregations on these dates.

 Sunday, January 15, 11 a.m. at St. James, 6025 Old Church Road, Caledon East

 Sunday, January 22, 10 a.m. at Caledon East United, 6046 Old Church road, Caledon East.

For further information contact:  905 584-9635 or email:

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