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Child Car Seat Requirements


In Ontario, infants, toddlers and children must be placed in a specific type of child seat based on the weight, height or age of the child.

INFANTS are defined as less than 9 kg (20 lbs.) and must be in a rear facing child seat away from the airbag. It is recommended to use until at least one year old and a minimum of 10 kg (22 lb.) Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for height and weight. Harness slots at or below shoulders and seat is reclined to a 45 degree angle. The child car seat program promotes best practices which includes staying rear facing for as long as possible.

TODDLERS are defined as between 9 to18 kg (20-40lbs). Toddlers must be in forward facing child seats and can still be using a rear facing seat as long as they do not exceed the manufacturer’s height or weight limit for that seat. They must be in forward facing child seats with a tether strap attached and fastened to an anchor bolt in the vehicle.

CHILDREN are defined as less than 8 years of age or between 18 to 38 kg (40-80 lbs.) or less than 145 cm (4’9”). They must be seated in a booster seat with lap and shoulder belt. Their heads must be supported by the top of booster or vehicle seat or headrest. There cannot be any seat belt adjusters.

YOUTHS are defined as anything above the “CHILDREN” specifications and must be in a regular belt or booster seat.

For more information, please refer to the MTO website:

Penalty: $240.00 and 2 demerit points.


Contact:​Provincial Constable Brenda Evans
Community Service Officer / Media Relations Officer
​Caledon OPP
Phone: ​(905) 584-2241 / (647) 389-8300

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