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Census Surveys coming in May

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Written by Patti Foley


(CALEDON, ON) – Members from the Caledon Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) would like to notify residents that Statistics Canada will be conducting surveys starting in May with homes and businesses across Canada.  The purpose of the surveys is for all Canadians to have information and a greater understanding of Canada’s population, resources, economy, and culture.

Why are they important?  Information gathered from the census questionnaire is important for the planning and development of various services like “schools, daycare, family services, housing, police services, fire protection, roads, public transportation and skills training for employment.”

Once completed, this valuable information will be utilized by municipalities, governments, and other organizations to effectively plan for services in many different neighbourhoods and communities.

There are three categories being surveyed: Household Spending (participation is voluntary), Longitudinal and International Study of Adults (participation is voluntary), and the Labour Force (participation is mandatory).

Keep in mind that any information you provide in the survey remains confidential and is solely used for statistical purposes.  These surveys are performed under the authority of the Statistics Act and may be in the form of: a phone call, online, and/or in person.

For more information, you can contact Statistics Canada at:

  • 1-800-263-1136 (Toll Free)
  • 1-800-363-7629 (TTY)

Further, you can reach the Census help Line at 1-855-700-2016 from May 2 – 31 (Monday – Friday 8am-8pm) and (Saturday & Sunday 8:30am-430pm) for the following:

  • if you do not receive a letter or questionnaire
  • you require an additional questionnaire
  • you would like the questionnaire in a different language
  • you need assistance in answering a question
  • you are interested in more information about the census
  • you want to fill out your own questionnaire

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Patti Foley

Having spent 25 years in Bolton, Patti remains an advocate for Caledon. As a former Regional Councillor and a long-time community volunteer she is passionate about communicating information about its issues, news, events, people, non-profits and businesses.

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