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Can You Assist the Friends of Caledon Public Library?

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Springtime brings changes and new beginnings, and the Friends of Caledon Public Library (FCPL) are no exception.

June is set to be a momentous and bustling month for FCPL, filled with ongoing book sale activities, their AGM (Annual General Meeting), and the exciting prospect of establishing a new base of operations. As they embark on this new direction, they are reaching out to you for your valuable support and assistance.

On June 26th, the Caledon East Branch of Caledon Public Library will commence its move to the new community centre in Caledon East. FCPL are excited to witness the launch of the new branch; however, due to space limitations, they regretfully cannot conduct their sorting and storage activities within the CPL facilities.

FCPL are actively searching for a local business or community space that can serve as a location for sorting and storing books and media received from CPL and individual donations. If you know of a possible location or can direct them to the appropriate contact, please reach out to the Friends at

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