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Caledon’s Southfields Village Public School Mother Daughter Veggie Garden Build

Peggy and students with garden box
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JSC received the following letter from Stan Cameron, Caledon Trustee, Peel District School Board. It tells us about this past weekend’s Mother Daughter Vegetable Garden Build at Southfields Village Public School in Caledon. The project was enabled by a fantastic collaboration between the Board, Southfields Village PS, TRCA ‘Girls Can Too’, Mayfield SS, Humberview SS, Davis Feed and Farm Supply, Glen Echo Nursery, Home Hardware, Home Depot, and last, but absolutely not least, some incredibly hard-working and talented mother-daughter teams. Clearly, girls can too. Check the video at the end of the letter for a great three-minute recap of this awesome event!

Today (Saturday, May 4th) we partnered with the TRCA and their “Girls Can Too” program to build 4 raised gardens at, and for, our SouthFields Village PS students, staff and families.

I represent the Board on a TRCA lead Outdoor Education Committee. Some time ago I had a tea with our committee’s admin rep and TRCA Director of Education and Training, Darryl Gray. I mentioned the need for these units at this school. Darryl offered to connect me with his Girls Can Too program leader. And that started us down this helpful path of very generous help.

Our amazing SFVPS Principal Brett Harris sent out invitations for students and their parents to participate. Twenty-four families signed up. Awesome Peggy Cheng and her team of talented TRCA carpenters guided 4 teams of 6 girls and their moms to help build these units.

Not unlike the 4 raised gardens built for James Bolton PS and the 4 units built for Macville PS, and the 4 units built for 4 other schools (each getting 1 – 16 in total), everything was donated. Home Hardware and Home Depot donated the lumber, Humberview SS and Mayfield SS Construction Technology amazing students & teachers built 10 of these gardens, two retired, kind carpenters in the community built 2 gardens, TRCA built 4 gardens, parent councils paid for the organic soil needed for each garden, Glen Echo Nursery in Caledon East gave any of our vegetable garden project schools a healthy discounted organic soil price, Davis Feed & Farm Supply in Caledon East, for the 2nd year, is donating all of the vegetable seedlings our Caledon public schools have requested.

All of the builds were cleared through our super positive facility manager Armando Baia. Superintendent Alvin Au guided us and was aware of every step along the way. Students, school staff and all Principals have been incredibly supportive and remain our biggest vegetable garden champions.

A reminder that “community engagement” is one of our Board values as we move forward. This Caledon Public School Vegetable Garden Project is a wonderful example of that.

We had local media coverage there today and I expect the broader good news story to be spread through a hard copy newspaper and 2 online publications within, and beyond our Board, very soon.

Many thanks to all who helped support our amazing students, awesome staff and wonderful families through this initiative.

Please take a few minutes to watch this sped up video below. It quickly tells the story.

Stan Cameron, Trustee for Caledon, Peel District School Board

Collage of event photos

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