Caledon Resident Calls Closure of Palgrave Pond “Ludicrous”

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The following letter to the editor by Caledon resident Nicola Ross was sent to Just Sayin’ Caledon for publication:

Letter to the Editor

Earlier today, I returned from skating on Wolfe Late at the Terra Cotta Conservation Area to read the tragic story about TRCA’s ludicrous closure of skating on Palgrave’s pond. It made me wonder: What kind of nanny state are we living in when over 20 years of evidence that a regular citizen, heaven forbid, might know a thing or two about safe ice conditions, isn’t enough for the TRCA? Not only is it pretty obvious that it’s the TRCA that doesn’t know what it’s doing – not Ken Hunt, but why is it okay to skate on Credit Valley Conservation’s ponds and lakes, but not TRCA’s?

The Terra Cotta Conservation Area’s Wolfe Lake might be smaller than the Palgrave pond, but I can assure you that the pond is minuscule compared with Island Lake in Orangeville, another popular skating and ice fishing spot offered by Credit Valley Conservation.

Rip the heart out of Ken Hunt and sabotage the centre of Palgrave’s community focus. TRCA, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

I encourage Caledon residents to vocally oppose the TRCA’s decision, and I suggest that Jennifer Innis should remember that her first responsibility is to Caledon residents, her constituents, whom she should be supporting by standing up to the TRCA in this regard.

Nicola Ross

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