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Caledon Offering Prizes for Yard Clean-Ups

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Visit Caledon Fire & Emergency Services on July 31 for free yard waste supplies to help clean your yard and prevent grass fires. Each year Caledon Fire & Emergency Services responds to grass fires that start to get out of control. This year, Caledon Fire is teaming up with FireSmart Canada™, to help homeowners and neighbourhoods lower the risk of grass fires.

“Open air fires can get out of control very quickly when no one is watching,” said Fire Chief Darryl Bailey. “Dry windy conditions are a major contributor to grass fires. The less burnable material around your home, the better.

Residents are asked to do their part at home in removing dead debris, stacked wood piles against the house or shed, clear away dried vegetation, cut down tall grass and overgrown shrubbery to reduce the flammable materials from around each property.

Yard Clean-up

Caledon Fire has identified three high-risk areas: Alton, Caledon Village and Palgrave. Residents in these areas can visit their local fire station to pick up a pair of gloves and a yard waste bag (one per household – subject to availability) on Saturday, July 31, between 10 a.m. and noon.

Residents are reminded to continue to follow health and safety guidelines such as maintaining distance and wearing a mask.

Prizes will be given to those who participate in our clean up challenge.

How to dispose of yard waste

When it comes to grass clippings, the Region of Peel recommends grasscycling. This means leaving the clippings on the lawn after mowing it. This helps keep your lawn healthy while saving you the time and effort of bagging the clippings. Be sure that clippings are spread out evenly and not left in a pile. Grass clippings are no longer accepted at the curb or Peel Community Recycling Centres.

Considering the dangers of grass fires, residents are encouraged to use other options to dispose of yard waste, such as dropping of yard waste at a Region of Peel Community Recycling Centre.

See a  list of acceptable items.

If you decide to burn yard waste, you must buy a burn permit at: Burn restrictions are often in place. To find out the burn status call 905-584-2272 x 4343 or check online. For questions and concerns about open air burning, call us or email To review the Open-Air By-law #2016-092, visit

Safety tips and resources

Here are some ways you can help prevent grass fires:

  • Do not burn yard waste on windy days. Keep a shovel, water, or fire extinguisher on hand to put out a fire if it starts.
  • Clear or remove leaves, dead vegetation, and garden debris away from your home and under decks or porches.
  • Never toss cigarettes, matches or other smoking materials into flowerpots or from moving vehicles. Peat moss in planters and dry grass along roadsides can easily ignite within minutes.

Here are some activities and resources for home/property owners:

About FireSmart Canada

FireSmart Canada™ leads the development of resources and programs designed to empower the public and increase neighbourhood resilience to wildfire across Canada. Learn more:

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