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Caledon Library Survey Results are in

Written by Patti Foley

Tech It Out! Caledon Public Library’s technology survey results are in!

Caledon Public Library recently conducted a survey to better understand how our community uses and benefits from free access to computers and the Internet at the library. To encourage participation, everyone completing the survey was entered into a draw to win an Acer tablet, courtesy of Staples Bolton and the response was unprecedented. Over 280 residents provided valuable insight into how using computers and the Internet has become a necessity across many facets of daily life.

The library offers 79 computers, wireless Internet and assistance for all members of our community. Of the survey respondents who reported visiting the library in the past year, 71% used a public access computer or the library’s wireless network during their visits. Highlights from the survey include:
· 84% of those surveyed indicated that public access to technology is an important or very important community service
· 27% of public technology users indicated they had used public access technology for employment needs. 20% of users searched online for a job. 10% applied for a job by submitting a resume or fling out a job application.
· 36% of public technology users used public technology for educational activities. 26% of users completed coursework or homework.
· 23% of public technology users used library technology to get information on health and wellness topics. 15% of users reported earning about diet or nutrition, of those 13% made a change to their diet
· 42% of public technology users reported using library resources to stay in touch with family and friends and to build and maintain social networks

65% of public access technology users also received help from a librarian when using the computers of internet at the library. Of those users, 92% have access to the Internet at home, school, or work but still choose to use the library’s technology. This shows the library offers critical resources and services even as people increasingly have their own Internet connections and devices.

These are only a few of the impacts from the library’s public technology access and training. Once again we want to acknowledge the generous support of Staples Bolton in helping us understand our residents’ technology needs. The future of our community depends on Caledon Public Library’s ability to sustain the quality technology services that provide opportunities for all people.

For more information contact:
Colleen Lipp, BA MLIS
CEO | Chief Librarian
Caledon Public Library

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