Caledon Council Starts a New Year

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Written by Skid Crease

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 saw the start of a New Year for Council, and the final months of service this term for our existing politicians. While trying to resolve as much business as the present Council can handle, some items will have to be deferred to the new team for resolution.

Note: a new Municipal Council gets elected on October 22, 2018; not to be confused with the Provincial election on June 7, 2018.

The afternoon got off to a slow start, with technical sound problems delaying the beginning of the meeting. However, Council decided to proceed without audio recording. In summary:

There were two citizen delegations by Ian Sinclair and Tim Forster, and a late entry delegation permitted for John Rutter. Mr. Forster addressed concerns with the Integrity Commissioner. Mr. Sinclair and Mr. Rutter presented concerns for more public participation and voice in Council. Many of these ideas were supported later in the meeting by Councillor Beffort, who spoke to the concept that it doesn’t give the public much chance for meaningful input if the question time takes place after the motions have been passed.

The proposed Private Property Parking By-Law took up much of the afternoon, with Councillors sharing concerns of having Town Staff issue tickets for private businesses and condominiums, expressing concerns over expense and staff training.

Town Staff explained that the Parking Ticket Officers are separate from the By-Law Officers, that they would only respond to businesses that had requested the service, and only when Town Staff were available. They also explained that private businesses only have the power to have a vehicle towed and that a parking ticket issued by a security company is not valid in Ontario Court. However, a ticket issued by the Town is valid, and all ticket revenues would go directly back to the Town.

Council eventually agreed on a Pilot Project to test out the benefits and pitfalls of the proposed by-law. Councillor Beffort’s motion to pilot test the Town’s Private Property Parking By-Law initiative was carried.

Although new to Caledon, but not new to Peel Region, the most recent member of the Town’s Administration Team, David Arbuckle, presented portions of the Town’s transportation plans. He was questioned by Regional Councillor Shaughnessy who wanted no biking in Caledon Village, and Regional Councillor Groves who wanted the 427 to 9 route completed.

The Integrity Commissioner’s Report was received by Council, with no evidence of any violations of the Council Code of Conduct related to recent complaints concerning transportation and land use.

A motion by Regional Councillor Shaughnessy to unlock the atrium doors at Town Hall was carried. The doors had been closed to direct visitors to the new Service Caledon counter.

Welcome to Caledon Town Hall.

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