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Caledon 55+ Strategic Plan

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Written by Patti Foley

Town of Caledon announces Adults 55+ Strategic Plan

“By 2031, 31% of Caledon’s population is projected to be aged 55 and over. The impact of this demographic shift will mean greater demand on the development and delivery of municipal and regional services.” – Hemson Consulting, long term forecasts of the population age structure by Service Delivery Area.

With the assistance of the Seniors Advisory Committee (active during the 2010 to 2014 term of Council), the Town launched an initiative to develop an Adults 55+ Strategic Plan. A top priority of the plan is ensuring Caledon residents can age in place and remain a vital part of the Caledon community.

“The resilience and sustainability of Caledon’s community will depend on the contributions of the Seniors in our community,” said Mayor Allan Thompson. “I am very pleased with the work of the dedicated members of the Advisory Committee, Task Force, Staff and Council to bring the needs of the senior community together in a succinct, progressive and manageable way. This plan sets the stage for our community to grow and support our senior population.”

Council adopted the Adults 55+ Strategic Plan on September 29, 2015, showing full support for the plan and the following 6 Goals:

Goal 1: To Ensure the Human and Financial Resources are Available to Support the Strategy
Goal 2: To Ensure Caledon Residents can Age-in-Place
Goal 3: To Ensure Adults Aged 55 and over are Socially Integrated in the Community
Goal 4: To Enhance Programs and Services for Adults Aged 55 and Over and to Continue to Participate and Support Existing Partnerships and Form New Ones
Goal 5: To Improve Outreach
Goal 6: To Support Additional Transportation Resources for Adults Aged 55 and Over in the Community

The Town’s Seniors Task Force will work with Staff to formulate the importance of the deliverables and establish the best approach for completing each item over the next three years. Full details of the plan can be viewed online at:

How was the Seniors Strategy developed?

In an effort to prepare and plan for the future to ensure Caledon residents aged 55 and over are adequately serviced, the Town retained the services of urbanMetrics Consulting Inc. to work with the community to develop an Adults 55+ Strategic Plan.

To facilitate the discussion, a survey was conducted and distributed to identify the specific challenges and concerns faced in the community. As a result of the public engagement components, 551 Caledon residents responded to the survey, 14 stakeholder groups provided input and 40 residents participated in the workshop.

The development of the Adults 55+ Strategic Plan followed framework consistent with elements of the Age Friendly Designation through the World Health Organization. The components explored through the development of the Plan include, Housing, Social Participation and Integration, Outdoor Spaces and Facilities, Transportation, Respect and Social Inclusion, Civic Participation, Communication and Information and Community and Health Supports.

Please visit the Town’s website to view the complete Adults 55+ Strategic Plan or call 905.584.2272 x. 4288.

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