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Butter and Cup

Genevieve at Butter and Cup
Written by Sheralyn Roman

Butter and Cup: Brewing coffee, building community and making new friends, one sip at a time.

Butter and Cup is a warm, inviting and friendly coffee house ready and waiting for you to stop in and visit. Whether it’s for coffee, lunch, or an afternoon “pick me up,” this neighbourhood coffee hub is rapidly becoming the heart of its community. Located in Southfields Village, Mayfield West, Butter and Cup is owned by community resident Genevieve Falardeau-Amaral, who welcomes each customer by name.  More than just a place to grab a cup of “joe,” Butter and Cup is where local community residents gather, forge new friendships and where they help support both their own, and other communities around the world – one sip at a time.

Genevieve describes how she and her husband Mike would drive through Southfields, commenting on their store’s location as the perfect potential spot for a coffee shop.  She tells us baking and feeding people is something she loves but fostering community and building relationships is even more important. From these roots Butter and Cup was born. Genevieve left a career in teaching and together with Mike, who made all of the furnishings by hand with reclaimed and repurposed woods, they’ve created a one of a kind shop that’s rapidly become just what they hoped – the heart of Southfields.

Community is represented in all that Butter and Cup does.  Wherever possible, all goods are sourced locally and the menu reflects what is currently in season.  Genevieve believes in supporting local and says; “surrounded by farmland as we are, we try to source as much as possible from other members of the Caledon community.” Not content with helping at home, Butter and Cup also proudly serves fair trade, organic coffee from Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and Ethiopia. Investing around the world while serving coffee in Caledon ensures that schools, infrastructure and employment in developing countries is encouraged. This is important to Genevieve and Mike, as is proudly employing 8 staff, most of whom are local high school students.

Butter and CupWhether publicly or quietly behind the scenes, Genevieve and her team get behind whatever is going on in and around the community.  Recent efforts included fundraising for Fort McMurray residents and for a local family that needed support during a difficult time. She also assists initiatives started by other residents like the recent “great costume round up” collecting gently used Halloween costumes for redistribution.

Featuring an awesome menu, you can grab a coffee, chai latte, cappuccino or tea anytime. All the soups are homemade from locally sourced ingredients and sandwiches on fresh bread are made to order. Genevieve awakes at 4am most days to create shop favourites like the cheddar and herb or very popular raspberry and white chocolate scone. Whenever possible, she also stocks nut and gluten free options from Terra Cotta Cookies. In the summer, there’s Gelato but with winter fast approaching and a skating rink at nearby Village Blue, Butter and Cup will soon feature the “Skaters Special” a family platter of yummy treats and hot chocolate or coffee for all.

At Butter and Cup there’s no “20 minute time limit” and free wifi is always available. Special event nights are hosted often. Friday night might see a local artist on Acoustic guitar while a Saturday morning might mean a visit from a local children’s author doing a read-a-long. Again, Genevieve talks about the importance of backing the community by hosting events featuring Caledon residents.

Genevieve is particularly proud that many community moms met in her shop, became friends and now use it as a regular meeting place. She says it’s “super-important” to her that everyone feels known and welcomed while visiting. Butter and Cup is casual and comfortable. It feels familiar. It’s the community hub for family and friends to meet, gather, support and encourage – all over a great cup of coffee, enjoyed, one sip at a time.


218 Dougall Avenue, Caledon (Southfields Village)

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