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Building the Bridge to Possibilities: CPL Unveils New Strategic Plan

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Building the Bridge to Possibilitiesa new strategic plan that charts the future course for growth and services at Caledon Public Library, was unveiled to Town of Caledon Council at its July 6th, 2021 meeting.

Colleen Lipp, CEO/Chief Librarian and Janet Manning, Chair of the Caledon Public Library Board presented the plan that, according to Colleen Lipp, “confirms the library’s commitment to work with council, community partners and residents to guide the future of library spaces and services.”

“The plan is the product of community surveys and engagement of residents, staff and key stakeholders to clarify community needs and confirm municipal priorities,” said Janet Manning. “Designed to be a thoughtful, proactive and achievable road map for the next four years, it will ensure our efforts to serve Caledon can change, grow and evolve in tandem with residents’ needs, community priorities, enhanced technologies and shifts in public library services.”

With a mission for Caledon Public Library to empower community connections, spark innovation and creativity, and energize the transfer of knowledge, it lays out four goals that will be the key priorities for Caledon Public Library over the next several years:

  • Grow and Innovate
  • Respond to Community Needs
  • Celebrate Culture and Inclusion
  • Demonstrate Our Value

“This new strategic plan is proof not only of Caledon Public Library’s commitment to providing the best in library service, but of a dedicated Library Board and Staff becoming our vision to be the heart of our community – building and connecting a thriving, engaged, and informed Caledon” said Lipp. “We invite all of Caledon to join us in making that happen”.

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