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Bringing Attention to Hickman Street Turns


Please be advised that Actuated Advance Warning Beacons (AAFB) have been installed along with custom “Vehicles Turning When Flashing” warning sign for the intersection of Highway 50 at Hickman Street. It has been installed on Highway 50 between Hickman Street and Centennial Drive for vehicles travelling in the southbound direction to bring conspicuity to the intersection of Hickman Street.

It is installed in advance of the intersection, for the southbound direction to alert motorists on the through road (Highway 50) that side road traffic (Hickman Street) under stop control may be turning, and to exercise vigilance as they proceed through the intersection.

Innovative use of advanced intelligent transportation system technologies was used to improve driver safety. The system was designed to detect vehicles that are waiting to enter onto Highway 50 from Hickman Street. A wireless vehicle detection system installed in the pavement at Hickman Street transmits information wirelessly on one of the defined channels to the solar powered Advanced Warning Beacon located approximately 160 meters to the north of Hickman Street on Highway 50. The wireless vehicle detection system provides the accuracy of inductive loops but with much higher reliability, greater flexibility and lower life-cycle costs.

It is a flexible system tailored to meet the community needs. The advantage of making it an actuated beacon as opposed to a standard beacon that is switched on constantly is, it minimizes unnecessary distraction to both drivers and the public as well as minimizes unnecessary light pollution. The system is designed to flash as long as vehicles are waiting to enter onto Highway 50 from Hickman Street. It is designed to continue to flash for a programmed duration after the last vehicle has left the sensor detection zone. For improved safety, the system has been designed to fail to an “On Flashing State” when possible in the event of a component failure.

Note: I have asked Regional staff to investigate the option of having a corresponding light on the east side of Queen as an indicator to northbound traffic and hope that their review will validate the need for a second AAFB at this location.

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