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Books, Board Games and Bountiful Gift Ideas at Forster’s Book Garden

New releases at Forsters
Written by Patti Foley

It’s always a great time to escape deep into the world of books.

New ReleasesWhether a marvellous tale of magic and mythology, or a sweet and sassy contemporary romance like The Holiday Matchor The Boyfriend Countdown by Bolton author Tori Samuels, there’s power in those pages that can whisk us away.

In fact, it can be a wonderful stress-reducer to press pause on the flickering screens for a while and engage with the pages of a really good book. Devouring the words that spill from those pages can entertain you, enlighten you, add to your knowledge base, improve your memory, motivate and inspire you, and, yes, reduce your stress.

More puzzlesOne of my favourite Christmas stops for many years has been Forster’s Book Garden. Here, in this decades-old Bolton business, the shelves overflow with books of every genre.

This season the New Releases table is graced with great hardcovers like Chris Hadfield’s The Defector, Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s To Infinity and Beyond, Ken Follett’s The Armor of Light, Stephen King’s Holly and Henry Winkler’s Being Henry: The Fonz…and Beyond.

Board GamesTo round up your shopping experience Donna and Paul have added other gift-worthy ideas like journals, card games, board games and oodles of puzzles!

Do you or someone on your gift list just love to cook? There are cookbooks by chefs like Jamie Oliver, Michael Smith and Lidia Bastianich. On the topic of food, how about Peace by Chocolate?

Shelves of booksSupporting local, Forster’s also offers hand-made soaps from Bolton’s The Soap Hut. And, behind the curtain, you’ll discover a quirky supply of “adult” gifts that are sure to bring a chuckle.

Whether you’re ready to lose yourself in a great book in front of a cosy December fire, or you’re looking for thoughtful gifts, add this little store to your next shopping excursion. You won’t be disappointed.

You’ll find Forster’s Book Garden at 266 Queen Street South; it’s on the northwest corner of Ellwood and Queen, facing Ellwood. For more information and hours of operation go to their website

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