Bolton’s Wine Spot is Spot On

Crostini Brie, fig jam, sorrano ham
Written by Patti Foley

DrinkWine Spot, you had me at… well… truthfully… everything!

You know from the very moment that you step up to that handsome front door, showcased perfectly by rich dark wood, beveled leaded glass transoms, and overhead lighting, that on the other side is something special.

You open the door and there it is. Murmuring history from the beautifully reclaimed brick. And made casually elegant by the soft glow of upward lighting against the walls. Something with heart, hard work, and hope, in every nook and cranny. And then there’s the food…

Wine Spot is a place to enjoy tapas and charcuterie. With cocktails and wine. With friends, and family.

Footlong shaved sirloinA labour of love by owners Matt and Kimberly Medeiros, it has been a destination in the making, for many months. Having dined there last week I can say it was absolutely worth the wait.

The space itself showcases the heritage nature of the Bolton downtown. The food, with Matt’s sister Chantelle Faria as Head Chef, is full-flavoured, enticingly plated, and will leave you wanting more.

Tapas and charcuterie are meant for sharing so we decided, correctly, that the best approach was to order several different dishes and the four of us share each dish.

My favourite in the Crostini & Breads category was the Brie, Fig Jam and Serrano Ham. Each complemented the other perfectly.

The seafood lover in me thoroughly enjoyed the Portuguese-style Shrimp served with a medium spicy garlic, onion and herb sauce.Warm olives

Next we ordered one of the Boards, the Shaved Sirloin Footlong smothered with goat cheese, a sprinkle of arugula, roasted red peppers and with a red wine reduction. In a word, totally delicious – OK that’s two – but true.

Really cute and tasty describes the Gilda Skewers, with anchovy, olives and pickled peppers. Another nice revelation? Warm Olives with a twist of citrus, who knew?

Matt, a trained Mixologist, clearly oversaw the creation of a cocktail menu that will surprise as much as impress. I’d love to learn the story, as I’m sure there is one, behind one signature cocktail, Not Just A Hairdresser.

Whether you crave a roaring 20’s style drink like a Sidecar, a hand-crafted kickass cocktail like a Smoke & Spice Margarita, a mainstay like a Manhattan, or a straight-up great glass of wine, this family-run tapas bar is hands down an awesome go-to spot.

The Wine Spot is at 23 Queen Street North, Bolton

Reservations are booked online via the website:

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Patti Foley

Having spent 25 years in Bolton, Patti remains an advocate for Caledon. As a former Regional Councillor and a long-time community volunteer she is passionate about communicating information about its issues, news, events, people, non-profits and businesses.

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  • WOW! Lucky Bolton…sure wish it had opened a few years ago. I now live in beautiful Sidney by the Sea so I really can’t complain. I fortunately had Matt invite me in to look around before the opening and it was very obviously going to be the “Go To” spot. Patti, I’m not surprised the fare is as superb as the decor. Good Luck to Matt & Kim – someday I’ll visit.

    • So nice to hear from you Janine! ANd very cool that JSC has a follower in beautiful BC! I have a sister-in-law on the island, about half way up. One of these days we will make it out for a visit, we haven’t been to BC in years. You must be loving it there!