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Bolton’s Dr Ali Miller is Helping Women Cope with Overwhelm

Dr Ali Miller sitting on grass lawn
Written by Patti Foley

Photo (above) Credit: Traci Wilson Photography

Determination. Dedication. Belief in yourself and what you are doing.

Having these traits in abundance is what empowered Bolton’s Dr. Ali Miller to push through four years of chiropractic college after university and graduate while raising three girls.

These same traits, along with a desire to help other women cope with “overwhelm”, are what have made her business, Family Health Chiropractic & Wellness, such a success. Early in June Dr. Ali, who lives in Bolton, celebrated her 20th year in business there.

Parenting three daughters – one born before during chiropractic school, one just after graduation, and one shortly after opening practice – enabled Dr. Ali to experience firsthand the common struggles faced by women raising families.

“I understand completely how moms have so much thrown at them; I wanted to help simplify their lives. A big part of my practice is focussed on moms and kids, helping them to be healthier and happier” she says.

Dr. Ali’s approach is proactive rather than reactive.

“Unfortunately, sometimes chiropractic medicine is viewed as a treatment you use to “fix something” after it is broken. For example, neck or back pain. But my practice is about creating better lifestyle habits and helping bodies to function optimally from the start” she explains. Dr. Ali’s office is filled with patients of all ages – newborn to grandparents – all of whom she says see great changes in their health from better digestion, better sleep, less pain and better immune function.  “I see families switch to thriving instead of survival.”

Dr. Ali’s protocol is a thorough and comprehensive assessment of each new client, including trying to understand all of the stresses – emotional, physical, chemical – that may be affecting them. Following that initial assessment, she makes recommendations for chiropractic adjustments and lifestyle choices to allow for the best care for that client.

Dr. Ali also has a registered massage therapist, a pediatric physiotherapist and a dietician on her team to fully serve the families in the community.

“We empower people to realize that they have a choice over what their health looks like. Health is a great thing until it is taken away from you.”

You can reach Dr. Ali Miller at Family Health Chiropractic & Wellness, 16 Parr Blvd in Bolton (905) 533-5348

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