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Bolton Special Policy Area Review

Much of the Bolton core lies in a floodplain due to the presence of the Humber River and the low elevation found in the valley. Provincial policy severely restricts development in floodplains. Where development already exists however, flexibility is worked into the Provincial policy via Special Policy Areas (SPA’s).

The Town of Caledon is undertaking an update to the Bolton SPA to identify areas where certain land uses could be permitted as well as areas which, due to the risk associated with flooding, should be protected from development. The Town has retained a consultant (MMM Group) and will be working with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) on the review.

This is a public process which is not scheduled to be complete until the spring of 2014. There will be multiple Open Houses to invite the public to hear how the review is progressing and to provide an opportunity for community feedback.

The first Open House is scheduled to take place in April. Please check the Town’s Website periodically for the date, time and location. Please consider attending to participate in this review.

You can also find further information about the Special Policy Area and the review at:

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