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Bolton Rotary Matching Caledon Donations To Project Volya

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The Rotary Club of Bolton is looking for your help to assist Kevin Leach of Project Volya (Project Freedom) in acquiring much needed medical supplies for injured soldiers in the Ukraine.

Modern battlefield medicine is an amazing thing. Advances in medical knowledge and technology mean that injuries which were once death sentences can now be survived, if provided with timely intervention. The medical kits we will be providing to the doctors include Hemostatic Gauze which help to reduce bleeding and keep the wounds clean, chest compression seals and tourniquets. You can see the products on

The Rotary Club of Bolton will match donations from the community up to $10,000 and the monies will be processed through Project Volya.

100% of your donations will go directly to the purchase of these products. There are NO administration fees and NO middleman surcharges. Donations to the Rotary Club over $50 can receive a Charitable Tax receipt from the Rotary Club.

Go to to donate directly and the Rotary Club will match it before September 30

You can read more about Kevin and Project Volya here

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