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Bolton Arterial Route (BAR) Construction Commencing

I’m very pleased to announce that on Monday July 8th we will officially kick-off the Region of Peel’s construction of the Bolton Arterial Road (BAR) from King Street West to Regional Road 50 (Highway 50). The new road will connect the Coleraine Drive traffic onto Regional Road 50, completing the bypass around the Bolton core.

Regional Chair Emil Kolb, Caledon Mayor Marolyn Morrison, members of Regional and Caledon Council, as well as Peel transportation staff responsible for planning and managing the project will gather to launch the project’s commencement.

The BAR is a new, alternate route aimed at easing traffic through the Bolton downtown core, providing drivers the option of bypassing the busy stretch of Queen Street to continue travel on Regional Road 50. The construction includes two new bridges and two of Peel’s first two-lane roundabouts. The existing bridge crossing the Humber River will be converted for cycling and walking as part of a new multi-use trail.

I am extremely excited to be able to be involved in bringing this much-needed improvement to our community!

You will find a Project Page complete with map at:

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