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Big Smiles and Full Bellies at Abbeyfield Caledon BBQ!

Two women at Abbeyfield BBQ
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Photo credits: Steph Van Noort and Chris Blackmere

There were big smiles and full bellies on Saturday at Abbeyfield Caledon!

The beautiful 12-bedroom house in Caledon East is home to independently living seniors. Board members, residents, volunteers including members of Bolton Rotary, staff and family members came out to enjoy an appreciation barbecue dedicated to volunteers and staff for all their hard work.

Nestled on a quiet residential street in Abbeyfield just might be Caledon’s best-kept secret for independent seniors seeking a retirement housing option within the Caledon community. Some feel that Abbeyfield Caledon, a not-for-profit home, is the perfect balance between privacy and companionship, between security and independence.

Modern, bright and airy this retirement living alternative was built in 2010. A secured front entranceway gives way to a large open concept kitchen/dining area. The live-in House Manager prepares and serves a tasty and nutritious lunch and dinner each day. Residents of Abbeyfield have complete kitchen access and make their own breakfast at whatever time suits their individual preference.

It takes a village to keep this safe and serene home running smoothly and everyone’s efforts are greatly appreciated by the community and the residents.

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Collage at Abbeyfield

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