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Your Coffee Machine Just Did The Grocery Shopping

Written by Robert Simeon

Never worry about running out of coffee again. New technology is taking every day, mundane objects and connecting them with each other and the internet. This network of devices that will dramatically change our lives is simply called, The Internet of Things.

The recent announcement of Amazon Dash Button puts the Internet of Things concept front and center. Dash is a simple button that, when pushed, will automatically order certain items. Almost out of laundry soap? Push your Tide branded Dash Button and Amazon automatically places the order for you.

An interesting concept, however, a house filled with branded Dash buttons doesn’t sound too appealing. The real potential is when companies begin integrating the service into their products. Your water filter will know when it needs replacing and your printer will realize it’s almost out of ink. Before you even notice you are running low, these devices will connect to Amazon via your home Wi-Fi connection and place the order.

The obvious criticisms exist. What about our privacy? Could someone hack in and learn about our shopping habits? More importantly, are we further limiting our social opportunities by having everything delivered instead of heading to the local corner store?

The Internet of Things, however, should make our lives much easier. In a fast-paced, work-driven world, who wouldn’t want a few extra hours during the week while the objects around us connect to make our lives easier? And this technology isn’t the future, it’s already here.

What can we expect in the next few years? Well, your coffee maker just realized it was low on coffee grinds, ordered it automatically and had an Amazon Drone (this is real, Google it) deliver it in less than 30 minutes. All without you having to intervene. Let’s just hope that it remembered to also order the milk and sugar.

Robert Simeon is a public relations professional and the Marketing Director at Banja Solutions. With a focus on local businesses, offers full marketing solutions including web design, social media management and graphic design.

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Robert Simeon

Rob Simeon is a marketing expert who specializes in digital marketing and social media. He is Founder/CEO of Dash Marketing which provides digital marketing solutions, including web design, graphic design and social media, for small to medium sized businesses.

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