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Alton Group Considers Haulage Route A Major Safety Concern

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The following letter was received by JSC for publication from the Alton Village Association (AVA). The group would like to share their concerns with the broader Caledon community. 

Hello to all of our Neighbours, Friends and Visitors to the Village of Alton!

Some of you may not be aware that Main Street South and Queen Street East running through the core of the village of Alton are part of Regional Road 136.  This road  is designated as a “haulage route”. This designation allows for large trucks to use this Regional road.

Once upon a time, this route was Provincial Highway #24. It then became Highway #136.  It  is now designated as a Regional Road; Main Street South; Queen Street East; and Porterfield Road.

I am writing to advise you, that on behalf of your Alton Village Association (AVA), I have been working with Christina Early, our Regional Councillor for Wards 1, 2 and 3, to address this issue. Christina and I have met with staff of the Region of Peel.  We were advised that the Region is working on a long-range transportation plan for Peel.

Christina will schedule another meeting to address the safety concerns that our village has.  We want this road be removed as a “haulage route”.

We understand that in the future Regional Roads could be handed down to Caledon, Brampton and Mississauga to manage.


This road is dangerous now and it may be dramatically more dangerous in the future.

We are all aware that Votorantim Cementos, owner of CBM St Marys, is a Brazilian conglomerate proposing to blast and excavate a hole over 80 feet deep and below the water table. If allowed, this quarry would be situated on 800 acres of forest and farmland in the heart of the Caledon Greenbelt and Greenlands System in Peel. Their plan is to tunnel under Charlestown and Main Street to connect all Quarry extractions. This Quarry would operate 23 hours a day, 6 days a week with the exception of statutory holidays. The majority of trucks are to travel on Charlestown East to the Village of Caledon some on Charlestown West towards Erin.  The remainder would have access to the road running north into Alton on Main Street and east on Queen Street.

Utilizing this road as a haulage route presents major safety concerns for our village.

The safety of all persons who live, work in or visit is placed in jeopardy.  The following services, businesses, residents, pedestrians, safety is at risk.

  • Alton Greenhouse
  • Pinnacle View Seniors Supportive Housing.  Note some residents use walkers to cross this road to visit our library.
  • Fire Hall
  • Old and New Public Schools
  • Public Library
  • Recreational facility – ball diamond, pump track and skateboard park
  • Old Baptist Church
  • Paul Morin Gallery
  • Lynx and Hare Cycling
  • Gather Café
  • Headwaters Plastic Surgery
  • Gas Station
  • Alton Mill Arts Centre and the Millcroft Inn and Spa – patrons and staff also use this route
  • As our village develops other businesses will appear

Alton is a walking, bicycling community.  To be clear, using this community road for haulage presents safety risks for:

  • Children bicycling, and walking either to our school, our library and playground
  • Residents walking their dogs
  • Seniors walking within our community
  • Numerous tourists visiting our village
  • Numerous residents and tourists walking within and to the Grange Property which is accessed off this Regional Road

You may have noticed that we currently have an increase in large trucks on this road, heading to the new development outside of Erin.

We welcome support around this major safety issue for our community.

We ask that the “haulage route” designation be removed from this road.

Sincerely, Mary Cooney – President Alton Village Association

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  • According to Premier Doug Ford’s publicly stated promise after last year’s Green Belt “re-allocation” scandal, the Green Belt is not supposed to be “touched”. Mr. Ford, Ms. Jones, why are you not saying anything?