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Allan Drive Fence Update

Fire Dept notice
Written by Patti Foley

The Town of Caledon has supplied the following update regarding the fencing erected at 15 Allan Drive:

What has happened to date and what are we working on?
A permanent fence has been installed between 301 Queen Street South and 15 Allan Drive which divides a commercial parking lot, where traffic was previously able to move freely between 301 Queen Street South and 15 Allan Drive.

A permit is not required for fence installation unless it exceeds Town bylaws. The fence however, obstructs the fire access route and fire department sprinkler system connection.

Caledon Fire and Emergency Services served an Inspection Order on December 9, 2015 to both property owners to remove the above obstructions. The Inspection Order to correct the conditions becomes due on January 3, 2016. If the owners have not requested a review of the Inspection Order by the Ontario Fire Marshal within the 15 days of the issuance of the Inspection Order, Caledon Fire will process the file for legal action for the provincial court to determine penalties for failing to comply with the Inspection Order.

Conversations have occurred between the Town and Caledon Fire and Peel Regional Paramedic Services to ensure awareness of the current situation for responders. While the parking lot and fence situation is frustrating I can tell you that our fire and paramedic management teams have assured the Town that emergency service personnel are aware and prepared to respond to the area.

There are a number of site plans for the property dating back to the 1970s, as it has been bought and sold and further developed over the years. Staff are reviewing site plans and interpreting them. While it may take some time, the Town is taking all steps that we can to come to a resolution.

What are the next steps?

We will continue to review all aspects of this matter, including review of the site plans to evaluate the intentions of the plans and rights of the property owners, access routes required, etc.

The property owners will hopefully continue to discuss the matter and come to a resolution on their own. These are two private properties and ultimately, how quickly and amicably this is resolved truly rests in the hands of the property owners themselves.

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