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A Celebration of Compassion and Sharing

Rosey standing beside sign with 2 Caledon Councillors
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Contributed photos. Above: Ms Rosey Kaur with Caledon Councillors Christina Early and Dave Sheen at Monday’s event

Embracing Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Teachings: A Celebration of Sharing and Compassion

In a heartwarming tribute to Guru Nanak Dev Ji on his 554th birthday, Concept 1 Learning Centre embarked on a meaningful journey. The Centre, which provides foundation and education for early years, is run by Ms. Rosey Kaur. On November 27th, which Rosey referred to as “this auspicious day”, her goal was to help instil the golden rule of Vand Chakkho, translating to share, in the hearts of the students.

Volunteers making sandwichesParents, students and even some Caledon Councillors gathered with a shared purpose – to assemble 554 sandwiches for Food Secure Communities in Brampton. Rosey described this act of generosity as “echoing the profound teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who laid the cornerstone of oneness and the concept of langar, a free kitchen that’s open to all, transcending barriers of race, colour, and caste.”

Rosey expressed her delight in witnessing her students grasp the essence of selfless giving, stating, “In honour of celebrating this day, my students were able to understand that sharing in this world is much needed. We must help one another and be kind to each other. This celebration serves as a reminder that the timeless teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji continue to inspire acts of kindness and compassion, creating a ripple effect of positive change within communities.”

Councillor Early making sandwichesCaledon Regional Councillor Christina Early said “It was a pleasure and an honour to spend time this morning with Rosey and members of the community while we assembled close to 600 sandwiches for those in need, inclusive of Sikh students. It was also wonderful to see parents whose children were past students of Rosey’s return today to assist with the assembly line of sandwiches. One parent said that Rosey provided the foundation for her children and now she teaches them to give back.”

Councillor Sheen making sandwichesCaledon ward two Councillor Dave Sheen also participated and spoke highly of Rosey and her efforts. “Rosey is a true leader in our community. She is always warm, and sincere, and every time I meet with her, I learn a little bit more about Sikhism, which is awesome. I feel so fortunate to know her and have her as my neighbour. Not only did we make 554 sandwiches today to recognize the Sikh founder’s 554th birthday, but Rosey also took time to tell us about her Patka Box project.”

“That project is aimed at educating children about the significance of the Patka which is the head covering often worn by many young boys of the Sikh faith.  Sadly, some Sikh boys are bullied at school because of the misunderstanding around the head covering.  The Patka Box is an educational resource Rosey has distributed to literally hundreds of classrooms across Ontario to help bring greater awareness and understanding of the Patka and its significance to the Sikh community.”

You can read about the beginnings of Rosey’s Patka Box project here and learn more or purchase here

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