Timing Critical for Expanding Caledon Environmental Initiatives

Environmental protection
Written by Kay MacDuffee

Once upon a time, on a planet known as Earth, in a galaxy they call The Milky Way there lived a tribe of good people.  Their land was rich and green and rolling.  The people loved and cared for their land and it soon became known as ‘the greenest town’.  And this distinction was posted on the many signposts along the way.

Some of the town folk took this honour seriously and began to encourage others to lean into the meaning of it by practicing ‘being green’.  They realized that it was not only easy to be green but rewarding. And verily they formed a small group dedicated to this practice.  Eventually it became known as ecoCaledon.

Fast forward to 2018.  EcoCaledon is blooming and growing into a dynamic entity, and is keen to showcase its many facets and successes, because it sees a future of regeneration, evolvement and renewal where many (most?) see a future of degeneration and devolvement. EcoCaledon wants to share its perspective and possibilities and its optimism with all Caledonians.

This is the organization that connects all parts of the Caledon community and other environmentally related groups.  It offers a range of environmental programs for all Caledon citizens, including:

  • a school program funded by the Region of Peel (in all elementary and high schools in Caledon)
  • Drawdown Caledon (100 Solutions to Reverse Global Warming)
  • Paint a Picture for Clean Air and Water (anti vehicle idling and wise water usage)

. . . and many more programs connecting all aspects of Caledon from schools to agriculture to business (see with the goal of working together to make Caledon more environmentally sustainable. EcoCaledon is recognized and supported by the Town of Caledon.

The timing is critical for an expansion of environmental initiatives in Caledon. Our town is about to grow.  We must be careful to preserve its natural landscape and recreational/green spaces.  Why did we choose to live here?  Pay attention to that and work to preserve and enhance it.  Never presume that ‘someone else will look after it’.

Together with the province and country, Caledon is empowered to come up with solutions to make our planet more sustainable into the future.  We can all take steps at home and in our communities to change what we do so we have less or no impact on our environment.   EcoCaledon will be growing to provide opportunities for Caledon citizens to lead the way so we can preserve “Ontario’s Greenest Town” for ourselves and for future generations.

On February 15th from 5:00 to 8:00 pm in the Atrium at Caledon Town Hall in Caledon East, ecoCaledon is holding an Open House to inform the community of its many community-based projects.  All are welcome. 

Here is an opportunity for us to get involved in making our Caledon a sustainable, beautiful place to live and grow, and to “realize that it is not only easy to be green but rewarding”.

If you have questions about ecoCaledon and the Open House contact the ecoCaledon co-Chairs:  Donna Ferron ( or John MacRae   (






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Kay MacDuffee

Kathryn (Kay) MacDuffee thinks of herself as a learner/teacher/seeker after truth.  She’s lived in Caledon before it was Caledon. A retired educator and journalist, her brimming energy keeps her active still in both. Her secret? An attitude of gratitude.

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